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IADB populates your website using InstaBuild Technology™. We instantly import your data from IMDb, Backstage, Youtube and Vimeo right into your website.

Between acting classes, auditions and 14-hour shoots, there's not a lot of time and energy left to give my online presence the effort it deserves. Setting up my site and keeping all my accounts up to date has been ridiculously easy. Stana Hans
I add a video to YouTube, and IADB keeps me updated. I add a track to Soundcloud, and IADB keeps me updated. I get a new credit on IMDb, and IADB keeps me updated. Best tool ever. Thanks for being in my corner! Alina Babur
The interface is very user friendly and set-up was fast as hell. I don't know what the record is, but I build my website in 1:07 min. It got all my projects right and even project's directors. I really couldn't ask for more. I <3 this. Martha Neofit
Flexible, professional and easy to use - what else could you ask for! I got this website for my daughter as she is a star on the rise. It's incredible how all of her photos and videos got added so fast. Thank you for saving us a ton of work. Douglas Simpson

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It takes an average person 28 seconds to read this paragraph out loud. In comparison, it takes an average person 76 seconds to build a professional website with IADB. In theory you could continue reading this paragraph, or you can click here and spend this time on fully building and populating your website. So the question remains... why are you still reading this? For more fun facts visit our facts page.

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How to 'Get Discovered' as an Actor

04.15.2016By: Heidi Dean
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How to 'Get Discovered' as an Actor

TRUE STORY: Last week my friend needed to hire a female singer for a concert that paid thousands of dollars. Ten women (all with Broadway credits) missed this great opportunity, not because of their h...

To blog or not to blog

04.09.2016Keep Your Websites Alive
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To blog or not to blog

Okay, I have a bone to pick with WIX websites (what else is new?) - but my main frustration is their forcing of blogs onto some pages that shouldn't have one.I'll keep it simple - if you are not going...

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In Seconds!

Niche professional websites for people in the film and TV industry.

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